You Can Use These Supporting Apps When Working From Bali!

You Can Use These Supporting Apps When Working From Bali!

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You Can Use These Supporting Apps When Working From Bali! – One of the advantages of working remotely from Bali is that you may establish a balance between a better living and personal demands that can be satisfied by touring the island of the gods. In principle, this is all well and good, but reality reveals that obtaining these benefits does not happen by accident.

Workplace burnout, homesickness, and distance from family and friends are all challenges. When you work from Bali, though, communication and teamwork are clear obstacles.


Various supporting applications will be used during the work from the Bali program, especially considering the remote work that you are conducting.

What are some of the uses? Check out the explanation below!


Serene is a tool that helps you stay focused and finish activities faster by distracting you from distractions.


Slack is a team communication platform, which is just what remote workers need.

The motto for the Slack platform is "where work happens," and the company's meteoric rise to prominence in recent years has positioned it as one of the most extensively used chat platforms on the planet.

This program is used by more than 750,000 businesses, and it has the benefit of allowing users to create several channels that may be arranged by subject or group, as well as direct messaging. In discussions, files can be shared, and Slack video calls can accommodate up to 15 people.


A zoom is a group and individual video and voice calling service.

After the COVID-19 outbreak in 2012, which saw many people use the site to stay in touch with friends and family, Zoom witnessed an increase in users. The software has surpassed Skype as the most popular video conferencing tool in 2020, thanks to its ease of use.

Zoom has become a vital tool for interacting face-to-face with colleagues and clients for those who work from home or in Bali. The free plan allows you to speak with up to two individuals for as long as you like, but sessions with more than two users are limited to 40 minutes.

Business accounts have no time limits and can handle up to 300 people by default, with up to 1,000 attendees available through add-ons.


Toggl is a timer software that keeps track of how long it takes you to do an activity.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a service that allows you to create documents, save them in the cloud, share them with others, and collaborate with them.


Calendar is an app that allows you to organize meetings and manage your schedule by date without having to sift through dozens of emails.


Spark is a smart email solution that turns your inbox, which can be a hindrance to productivity, into a benefit.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a handy program for securely accessing your computer from any device and sharing displays with peers for better collaboration.


Zapier is a tool that automates the process of switching between apps and saves time on repetitive chores (example: automatically saving Gmail attachments to Google Drive).


Daywise is a handy tool for notifying you when it's time to leave work and do something fun.


Trello is a web-based organizational application that lets users construct Kanban-inspired boards and lists with a focus on collaboration. This tool is used by over a million teams around the world to schedule meetings, track workflows, and track projects as they progress through various stages of development.

Simply set up the board, begin adding cards, and invite anyone else who would like to utilize the board. The board allows you to mix checklists, due dates, and reminders, and you may transfer cards between columns using the drag and drop feature. Butler is a task automation feature that aims to eliminate manual tasks.


Dropbox was created in 2007, and while it pales in comparison to the other services on this list, its feature set and ability to sync across numerous devices have guaranteed that it remains one of the most popular file hosting services.

Dropbox offers both desktop and mobile apps, which ensure a more efficient and speedier procedure for backing up, sharing, and syncing your information. Users can use the service by logging in using a web browser, but Dropbox also offers both desktop and mobile apps.

Personal plans start at 2 TB, while corporate plans range from 3 TB for professionals to 5 TB for standard. For individuals who require additional storage, advanced choices are available, based on your specific requirements.

As you can see, each of these tools serves a distinct purpose, thus I wouldn't propose a slew of apps that all serve the same purpose. Each of these suggestions will boost your productivity, and after reading this post, I hope you will implement eight or more of them (or similar alternatives for each tool).

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