Before You Make the Perfect Residence Choice, Here Are Some Tips & Tricks (PPDS)

Before You Make the Perfect Residence Choice, Here Are Some Tips & Tricks (PPDS)

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Before You Make the Perfect Residence Choice, Here Are Some Tips & Tricks (PPDS) - How much time and effort does it take a student to find a place to live? What should a busy student do to ensure a positive college experience and discover the ideal location to study, relax, and have fun?


Here are some pointers for students looking for a temporary place to live while they study:

1. Begin your search a month before the university suggests

Why? Because you can begin your search before anyone else who hasn't read these tips and secure a position before they do.

Look into online reviews, communities, and property owners and managers.

Look for websites that rent out rooms in boarding houses, houses for rent, or apartments.

Some websites also provide maps that indicate traffic, road conditions, bike lanes and trails, and parks.

However, most universities and schools have housing offices or, as we are all too acquainted with, dormitories, which come with a variety of stipulations.

2. Use your family, friends, and social media to your advantage.

Don't sign anything or pay a deposit until you've read and signed the lease, see the apartment and the neighborhood, and possibly inquired about the leasing situation with neighbors who had previously leased the place.

3. Calculate the budget during the PPDS.

Yes, imagine a magnificent location surrounded by beautiful scenery. However, you must live within your or your parents' means.

Even if you desire comfortable temporary lodging with appealing amenities, if your budget does not allow for it, you should conduct additional research and comparisons.

Remember that, in addition to the requirement for a property to rent, you will have to pay for necessities of everyday life as well as educational expenses.

4. Focus your search.

Now is the time to walk to some of the closest locations to see how far they are and how long it will take you if you have an urgent need, such as a shopping center, ATM, hospital, or even a food stall.

Determine the level of comfort in the environment as well as the surrounding atmosphere. For instance, security, lighting, noise levels in the area, parking lots, and traffic to be navigated.

5. Find out everything there is to know about renting.

Do not sign unless you understand all of the terms of the agreement or have had a third party explain them to you. Before you sign the contract, keep the following in mind:

  • Data precision
  • Maintenance of the deposit system
  • The cost of the rental is already included in the price.
  • Warning: There will be a penalty.

6. Sign with a stamp Checking the unit's specifications

Take photos of anything that needs repair or new paint if it's scratched, or if any of the equipment given isn't working, and discuss it with the owner or property manager. Check to see whether the water is on, if the toilet is functional, and if all outlets, windows, and locks are in good order.

You can test the strength of the cellular network signal on the unit if necessary.

7. Make sure you're ready to sign the leasing agreement.

If you've located your ideal home and it meets all of your criteria, now is the time to sign a lease.

Maintain communication and collaboration when residing in the unit later by being courteous, polite, and looking decent.

These items are usually a sign of respect and an indicator that you will take care of the location.

Take as much time as you need to completely read the contract or rental agreement.

8. A few extras

Another factor to consider while looking for a good roommate is whether or not transportation will be convenient and quick, and whether or not the location will be close to recreational and sporting facilities.

If you're going long distances or driving in and around large cities, use the app to manage traffic.

You might believe that this is a time-consuming task. But think of it this way: You want to be in the finest location possible while studying, hanging out with friends, and having fun. Keep in mind that you are creating unforgettable memories.

And there's a good possibility you'll be renting for longer than you anticipated.

Before you choose the proper unit, take a look at some of the tips above. The Ambengan Tenten is the answer. This apartment, which is located in the heart of Denpasar city, has all of the amenities you require without the need to travel far from home.

There is no need to be concerned about safety, cleanliness, or health measures that are followed to the letter of the law.

This apartment is especially recommended for prospective students who will be enrolled in UNUD Bali's PPDS (Specialist Doctor Education Program).

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