Make sure of this before starting to work from apartment!

Make sure of this before starting to work from apartment!

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Make sure of this before starting to work from apartment! – Facilities serving residents who work from home are on the rise in the multifamily industry. As the number of residents working remotely increases, properties are starting to focus on supporting their daily needs. Amenities like high-speed Wi-Fi lounges, decent tables and chairs for quiet meetings or work, and even apartments with stylish built-in desks are popular ways to win over entrepreneurs this pandemic season.

Working from an apartment in Bali, in terms of preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus is one of the solutions chosen for employees who can do their work remotely. Choosing your own apartment can be confusing.


If you are planning to work from an apartment, be sure to check a few things before deciding. As we can imagine, you will spend almost more than half a day in the apartment while working. Here are some facilities and considerations that you should think about before choosing an apartment;

Cozy Coworking Space

Coworking space is very much needed for remote workers when they exist. As long as you work from an apartment, it's undeniable that you may need a coworking space at any time and suddenly without any preparation. Good for making group video calls or small-scale meetings. Make sure to check whether the room with all the facilities available in it will make you comfortable to work in a fairly comfortable period of time.

Good Lighting

An added value to a good accommodation is the good lighting that comes into the room. Whether it's in your room or the workspace they provide as a facility.

The entry of natural light will certainly help you in improving your mood while working. In fact, sufficient lighting that enters the room also serves to kill bacteria and viruses and also helps to prevent the air from getting too humid.

Stable Internet Connection

In implementing work from apartment, the main thing that is most needed is an internet connection. Therefore, make sure you get a strong and stable internet connection.

Of course, you can rely on this while working from an apartment.

Also, in addition you can check the sockets available in the room. Is the position comfortable enough to use during remote work.

Location of work from apartment

The other main thing is where the apartment is located. Considering that the COVID-19 pandemic has not decreased in our country, it is advisable to minimize the need to frequently travel outside the apartment where you live. Check if there are supermarkets, ATMs or maybe some places to eat that you can reach within a short distance around the apartment.

The strategic location certainly helps you in saving costs for transportation as well.

Access to Apartment

After discussing the location, this time we will discuss about access to the apartment location. These two things are certainly related. Pay attention to the roads leading to the apartment. Is it easy to access from several roads that you will use later, it is also comfortable and safe if you drive a car.

Parking Area

Because while working from an apartment you may rarely use a vehicle, make sure the parking area provided as a facility is adequate and comfortable for your vehicle. Because we can imagine, activities outside the apartment will decrease along with more work that you do remotely.

Security work from apartment

This time we are talking about security. Wherever we will go and live, security is certainly important. Especially if you work from an apartment accompanied by your small family.

Make sure the security in the apartment is strictly guarded. Both in terms of CCTV installation and also how many security guards usually guard and patrol around the apartment environment.

Hygiene Standard

Since the emergence of the COVID-19 virus pandemic in this country, there are many things that we need to pay attention to in more detail in terms of cleanliness. Knowing whether the apartment implements standard health protocols is something you need to consider too. Check if there is enough sanitizer in every hallway or apartment lobby.

Rental price

If you have found an apartment that you feel is suitable for working from your apartment, let's move on to the price. With complete and adequate facilities, a strategic location, maintained security, from so many considerations that already suit your needs, start comparing prices with other apartments that you also choose. Keep in mind your purpose in using it later and it is advisable to choose an apartment that fits your budget.

So, those were some tips and considerations that should be known. Before choosing the right apartment to work from your apartment, it's okay to sacrifice a little time and effort to get more detailed information about your apartment later.

Hope it is useful.

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