Work From Bali But Tired and Stress lurking? Here are the Tips!

Work From Bali But Tired and Stress lurking? Here are the Tips!

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Work From Bali But Tired and Stress lurking? Here are the Tips! Easily tired and feel unfit while working from Bali? Of course this sometimes comes on the sidelines of your busy life. In fact, it becomes a disturbing thing if it is allowed to continue.

Don't let it go! This greatly affects your mental health as well as your performance. How to handle it? Here we see the tips and tricks!


If you're feeling so lethargic that you can't get through the day without a nap or are experiencing a slump in mood and motivation, it's important to introduce structure. "Wake up at about the same time every day," says Dr. Browning. "While you may not have to get up to go to work, still set your alarm to help your body know when the day starts." Shower, dress, and try to eat at regular times.

During work from Bali, getting up early for work may no longer apply. Sleeping as often and as long as possible is a tantalizing thing. But sometimes avoiding excessive sleep actually makes you feel more tired.

Set an alarm, take time to take a nap but a maximum of one hour a day and sleep at night also make sure it is around 7-8 hours.


Being in Bali and pursuing work from Bali certainly cannot be separated from a variety of special foods to try. It's really fun to try these foods.

But in the end, there are also those who continue to apply an unhealthy diet while working from Bali. The wrong diet pattern results in reduced energy and a sense of fatigue arises.

Even if you are on a diet program, don't skip breakfast. Get in the habit of having breakfast 30-45 minutes after you wake up. It is also believed to help maintain blood sugar and maintain energy throughout the day.

Consuming cereal in the morning is also good to try. Because cereals are believed to contain protein.


For those of you who now drink coffee all day, consider this: Coffee is dehydrating and can make you feel more tense and restless. Cut down on caffeine (ideally no more than one cup of coffee in the morning) and drink at least two liters of water every day. When you are properly hydrated, the cells in your body will be able to function properly and you will see how this can increase energy.


Well, because there are so many bars that you meet in Bali, of course consuming alcohol is inevitable.

After a long day of working from Bali, visiting the nearest or famous bar is something to look forward to to unwind.

It may even be done more often than usual. But once again we remind you, if you feel tired easily, it's good to pay attention to your alcohol intake. The sedative effect of alcohol not only makes you feel sleepy, but can also reduce the quality of your sleep.


When working from Bali, the length of time in front of the device you use for work is definitely more frequent and increases. This is very normal because considering your work is done remotely and everything is online.

Believe it or not, our bodies typically work in 90-minute energy cycles. So make sure you take a few minutes of rest from your screen every 90 minutes. Drink water, take a small walk or do some stretching. It certainly really helps to increase your energy and also makes you feel more productive.


We often face anxiety and lead to stress in this pandemic season. There are many triggers that cause this anxiety. Try to come to terms with the situation.

One way to try to stay calm and at peace with the situation is to meditate. Meditation is believed to be able to manage stress and provide a sense of peace. Learning to control your breath is one of the most powerful meditation techniques. You can look for it online.

Meditation is even said to be more effective than coffee.


Remember, you are not working normally, you are doing remote work that is work from Bali. Try to get to know yourself, ask what is the best thing to do to deal with tense situations during this pandemic.

Make sure whatever the choice, it will leave you feeling comfortable.

Loose once in a while to yourself is not a problem. For example, when you feel really tired, you can postpone other homework, such as washing clothes.

Those were our tips in managing the fatigue and stress that often lurk when working from Bali. Get to know yourself, find out what your body needs most and make peace with the situation.

A healthy mental condition certainly has an impact on physical condition as well.

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