12 Guidelines for those of you who want to buy an apartment as housing

12 Guidelines for those of you who want to buy an apartment as housing

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12 Guidelines for those of you who want to buy an apartment as a residence - Are you ready to buy an apartment? Flats or apartments are one of the most favorite residential options for residents in big cities. In big cities, apartments like Denpasar are something that is quite rare. Especially in the business center areas and cities.

Now before deciding to buy an apartment as a residence, you need to know the tips:

12 Guidelines for those of you who want to buy an apartment as housing

Immediately, the following things, you need to pay attention to when buying an apartment as a residence:

#1 Learn Developer Track Record

Study the developer's track record. When you buy an apartment, you are 100?pendent on the developer. There are many problems with apartment buildings that are left abandoned and unresolved, because developers have problems. You can find out about the credibility of the developer from the Association of Residents of Flats throughout Indonesia (APERSSI).

#2 Company Certificate and Legality

Do not forget to overwrite the certificate and legality of the building. You need to identify and check the Hak Guna Bangunan (HGB) owned by the developer, order a principle permit, order a Building Permit (IMB) and a Land Use Permit (SIPPT). Carry out checks and validations with related institutions. Don't forget to check the certificate that you want to receive later. Generally, apartment owners will have a Certificate of Right to Flats (SHSRS).

#3 Site Survey

Take an apartment position survey. Generally, people buy apartments in locations close to work or the city center. The goal is clearly to save fuel and save time on the expedition. So don't buy an apartment just because the price is cheap. An example of an error in positioning, working in the downtown area of ​​Jakarta but buying an apartment located in the city of Bekasi. Every day you have to be in traffic jams when you go to work and return to work.

#4 Multiply Choices

Don't just depend on one apartment option. Before buying take the time to wander around and ask about the price and value (position, facilities, other benefits). If you need a quiet residence, then as much as possible avoid apartments that are close to bars, discotheques, entertainment venues or executive lounges.

#5 Know the Supporting Facilities

Always know the universal facilities around where you live, for example hospitals, police stations, bus terminals (in Jakarta for example Trans Jakarta terminals), schools, campuses, office centers, shopping centers, mini markets and MRT stations.

#6 Pay attention to the age of the building

If you buy a second-hand apartment, don't forget to ask the age of the building. Apartment buildings that are very old, of course, will result in a higher maintenance fee.

#7 Find Out Your Needs

When you buy an apartment, there are at least 3 types of apartments, namely unfurnished (no furniture at all), semi-furnished (some have furniture) and full furnished (the building is ready to live in). Not only that, there are considerations in terms of dimensions ranging from studios (without partitions), one room, 2 rooms, 3 rooms and up to luxury apartments (more than 3 rooms). Find the one that fits your needs, don't want it. Stay away from the prestige of buying a home, so that your finances are always healthy.

#8 Security Aspects Don't Forget

Security facilities are one that must be considered. How is the security at the front door of the apartment, inside the apartment and the level of security in the area near the apartment.

#9 Parking Facilities Need To Be Considered

Parking facilities are something you need to pay attention to, at least find out if there is a special parking area for the waitstaff. How much parking space is provided.

#10 Know the Cost - The Cost

Look for data as clear as possible from the developer, ranging from prices, apartment facilities, monthly fees or estimated management fees, taxes and other payments and the benefits of the apartment. After you find out, then you need to check what the developer said. The trick is easy, just observe the building that was built earlier or ask a property agent.

#11 Preparation of Funds for Buying an Apartment

Lastly and most importantly, think about how to buy it. Do you buy using cash (cash purchases) or using credit (Apartment Ownership Credit – KPA).

#12 Think Daily Operations

One of the comparisons of living in an apartment and in a regular house is that it affects daily operations. Starting from the existence of a laundry fee bonus (because there is no drying room), payments to buy drinking water, gas, telephone signal problems, internet cases, messages are only sent up to the mail box and the risk in the event of a fire or earthquake.

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