The Enchanting Beauty of Gili Meno

The Enchanting Beauty of Gili Meno

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Try coming to Gili Meno while on vacation to Lombok or Gili Island. Located in North Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, this island offers natural beauty wrapped in a serene atmosphere.

In Gili, which is still classified as lacking in facilities, we can calm down and be one with the natural beauty while breathing the fresh air. In contrast to Gili Trawangan which is so crowded, here there are only lodging huts that are designed minimalist but not minimal with beauty.

To get to Gili Meno, you can start your journey from Bangsal Harbor. This port can be reached from Mataram City for 2 hours. Furthermore, you can travel using the available boats.

No need to worry about safety, because the manager has been trained to ensure the safety of visitors during the trip. The sea waves and the beautiful scenery of Gili Air will be presented before you arrive at Gili Meno. After approximately 40 minutes, you will be greeted by a stretch of sand awaiting at Gili Meno.

Walking along the beach or doing snorkeling are choices of activities that you can do on Gili Meno. You don't need to worry if you don't bring a snorkeling gear. There are many snorkeling equipment rental services here.

Seeing the beauty of the corals that are still well preserved or the occasional play with the fish with their beautiful colors will definitely make you feel at home for a long time exploring the underwater beauty of Gili Meno. When diving, don't forget to bring food that can make you surrounded by beautiful fish. Interacting with these beautiful creatures will be an unforgettable experience.


For those who like diving, there are some beautiful spots offered by Gili Meno. Sea Point Turtle, Point Coral Blue, and Meno Wall are some destinations that are worth trying. In fact, PADI as an organization that has received an international diving license has also built its infrastructure here. So, it is not surprising that many foreign tourists visit Gili Meno to enjoy the natural beauty under the sea.

Watching the sunset is also an exciting option here. The western part of Gili Meno is ready to entertain you with the sunshine as it slowly sinks. The combination of orange, red, yellow and blue that is presented for a moment makes you forget about the fatigue of your daily routine.

Don't forget, if you bring a camera, capture beautiful moments while on Gili Meno. These photos make for very valuable keepsakes.

For those who want to stay overnight on this island, you can use cidomo. This wagon-like vehicle is ready to take you to your lodging. Cidomo is indeed the main means of transportation in the Gili Meno area. Don't be surprised, because there are no motorized vehicles here.

The people here are committed to keeping the island free from pollution fumes that can affect natural changes. Just look at the blue sea water that is awake or the white sand that is so soft.

Use Bali gili fast boat to Gili Meno!

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