Not Just For Digital Nomads, This Is Why Work From Bali Is The Right Choice For Everyone!

Not Just For Digital Nomads, This Is Why Work From Bali Is The Right Choice For Everyone!

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Not Just For Digital Nomads, This Is Why Work From Bali Is The Right Choice For Everyone! - Luhut Pandjaitan as Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment continues to try to motivate the work from Bali work program. It is not only the government or private sector that applies it, but the ministry also does the same thing.

He stated that since 'working from home' has become the norm now, then why not work from Bali to help the tourism industry.

Then what are the factors that cause the island of Bali to be the right choice for doing remote work?

Why are many people now choosing the work from Bali program?

Let's review below!


When there was no COVID-19 pandemic, the idea of ​​working from Bali was just a dream fit for freelancers who could do it remotely. Starting something and living a new life on the island of the gods, it certainly sounds fun, doesn't it? However, the world, and what is considered normal, has changed in the past year, and opportunities to experience a new way of life have opened up.

Some employees have realized doing work remotely and have been able to be supported by today's sophistication of technology, of course they feel this is a very effective thing.

When this thought comes, not a few residents of the capital city use this opportunity to try the experience of living in Bali.


It is very important to distinguish between working from Bali, and working in Bali. Working from Bali means getting a job that is located in Bali, but working in Bali is still doing your job with the same portion but you do it on the island of Bali. One of the most important points is work from Bali now for everyone.

Work from Bali can certainly be done by any group and anyone. Doing work during the day and then spending time just relaxing at night when the work is done.


Surely the most appropriate reason is because you can visit beaches and natural scenery freely with ease.

For people who already have a role as parents, it is undeniable that children who grow up or live in big cities have no experience with nature. Meanwhile, the island of Bali has a variety of natural beauty. There are many activities that you can do in work from Bali to eliminate boredom at work. As an example; surfing, riding a bicycle, walking in the fields. This is an invaluable experience and very useful for your children.

Another advantage is that tourist destinations are easy to visit. The distance that is not too far means that you as a work from Bali worker will get a lot of new and useful things. Such as; pottery, painting and textile crafts.

Not to mention the island of Bali which is still relatively quiet. Traffic was reduced, hotels also experienced a drastic decline in occupancy rates. This is one of the advantages in the field of security compared to big cities.


During an insightful webinar hosted by NOW! Bali, together with key stakeholders in the tourism industry, the panelists shared and discussed the practicalities of working from Bali.

Gilda Sagrodo from the Bali Tourism Promotions Board revealed the ease of moving: there are no additional requirements for domestic visitors who want to stay long in Bali. Registering for long term stays can be easily done through hotels, in particular.

Upscale hotels are now also accommodating this trend, offering special long-term stays for those wishing to temporarily relocate to Bali. Working in a luxury villa resort in a stunning location is an offer that is hard to pass up.

But if you are an employee who works with a budget that is not too much, you can try some lodging offers that are more adequate but not inferior to the facilities.

Like a guest house or apartment maybe.

The Ambengan Tenten offers affordable prices without the need to drain your budget. With the facilities they have, it is very suitable for the needs of workers working from Bali.


Places for co-working are also growing and can be found anywhere. Whether from Ubud or Sanur, Seminyak or Canggu, there is a different atmosphere from each region. Work corners that you can use when outdoors and supported by a relaxed atmosphere have become famous.

The workers who are currently working from Bali are also believed to come from a very broad group, ranging from entrepreneurs or freelancers.

After seeing some of the benefits and conveniences that you can get in Bali, you can start working from Bali at any time. Many choices of accommodation and various kinds of facilities can be found around there. Hope your work from Bali will be fun!

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