Blue Fire Mount Ijen

Blue Fire Mount Ijen

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Blue Fire Mount Ijen - When you hear it, the blue fire of Ijen Crater has grown accustomed to you. Many people take the time to see this difficult tourist attraction as well. This tourist spot is a part of a remarkable occurrence that only occurs twice in the entire world.

East Java's Mount Ijen, which is situated in Bondowoso, also draws a sizable number of ardent climbers. They do not wish to give up before they succeed. In addition, aside from admiring Mount Ijen's beauty during the day.

Ijen Crater's beauty at night will serve as an exhilarating remedy for fatigue. They are prepared to sacrifice sleep in order to appreciate the Bluefire Ijen tourist destination's magnificence.

The Unusual Feature of the Uncommon Blue Fire Ijen

It is understandable why so many people travel to the Ijen crater. The reason is that it is one of the most fascinating, unusual, and uncommon tourist locations. He is what? Destination for tourists, Bluefire Ijen. Change your perspective from believing that you can only experience Mount Ijen's splendor during the day. It was actually lovely at night.

Thousands of people came to see the magnificence of the blue flames despite the cold. From 2:00 am till dawn, the bluefire materialized smack in the middle of the sulfur miners.

Numerous connoisseurs, guests, and tourists are drawn to the hue because of how it contrasts with the nighttime environment. Furthermore, there is only one such excursion within the archipelago proper, in East Java.

Ijen Crater Admission Tickets and Hours

What appeals to your sense of adventure? to have the good fortune to visit the Blue Fire Ijen tourist attraction. You don't need to consider how many expenses you still have to pay. Isn't that price fair? Furthermore, if you're a domestic tourist, IDR 10,000 will almost certainly buy you change. The low cost is absurd.

This is not the same as the cost of admission for travelers that wish to visit this Bluefire Ijen tourist attraction. They must be prepared to shell out about IDR 100,000 each individual. To save this wonderland, many tourists also do this super tour.

Opening hours for Blue Fire are starting to become constrained during a pandemic like the one we're now experiencing. 150 individuals from 03:00 WIB to 08:00. Then for 150 persons from 8:00 till 12:30.

Mount Ijen Trail hiking

It is best to visit Ijen Bondowoso Crater. There is a heaven road that you must travel to get to Bluefire. Move toward Situbondo if you are from Bondowoso City. Turn left and head toward the Ijen sub-district and Bondowoso Regency when you reach the Tapen T-junction.

Following that, you must traverse innumerable sugar cane plantations as well as rice fields. In actuality, you must pass through a lot of communities. You must keep in mind that the true journey begins in the Klocing region, on a coffee farm.

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