A Traveler Guide to Lumajang Best Spots

A Traveler Guide to Lumajang Best Spots

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Lumajang Destination

Lumajang is a regency in East Java, Indonesia, known for its stunning landscapes and diverse attractions. From majestic mountains and pristine beaches to historical sites and vibrant local culture, Lumajang has something for everyone. The district of Karanganyar, in particular, is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, also known as "Thousand Waterfalls," is arguably one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Indonesia. Located on the border between Lumajang and Malang. The waterfall is approximately 120 meters high and is surrounded by lush greenery, creating a breathtaking view. To reach Tumpak Sewu, visitors must embark on a challenging but rewarding trek down a steep path, which adds to the sense of adventure.

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Kapas Biru Waterfall

Another stunning waterfall in Karanganyar is Kapas Biru Waterfall. Less crowded than Tumpak Sewu, Kapas Biru offers a serene environment where visitors can enjoy the soothing sounds of cascading water and the beauty of the surrounding forest. The waterfall is accessible via a trekking path that takes you through picturesque landscapes, making it a perfect spot for photography enthusiasts.

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Ranu Kumbolo

Ranu Kumbolo is a pristine highland lake situated on the slopes of Mount Semeru, the highest volcano in Java. This tranquil lake is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park and is a popular camping spot for hikers. Surrounded by rolling hills and dense forests, Ranu Kumbolo offers breathtaking sunrise views and a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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Cultural Attractions

Senduro Village

Senduro Village is a charming destination where visitors can experience the local way of life. The village is known for its traditional houses, friendly residents, and agricultural activities. Visitors can take part in farming activities, learn about local crafts, and enjoy traditional Javanese cuisine prepared by the villagers.

Selokambang Natural Hot Spring

For a relaxing experience, the Selokambang Natural Hot Spring is a perfect choice. This hot spring is believed to have therapeutic properties and is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Surrounded by lush greenery, the hot spring provides a serene environment to unwind and rejuvenate.

Lumajang Cultural Center

The Lumajang Cultural Center is an excellent place to learn about the region's history, art, and culture. The center hosts various exhibitions, performances, and workshops that showcase traditional music, dance, and crafts. Visitors can immerse themselves in the local culture and gain a deeper appreciation of Lumajang's rich heritage.


Lumajang is a destination that offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. Whether you are an adventure seeker looking to explore waterfalls and mountains, or a culture enthusiast eager to learn about local traditions. Additionally, engaging with the local culture in Senduro Village, relaxing at Selokambang Natural Hot Spring, and exploring the Lumajang Cultural Center will provide you with unforgettable memories and a deeper understanding of this beautiful region. Make sure to include your travel itinerary and discover the charm of Lumajang for yourself.

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