4 Sea Transportation Solutions from Lombok Towards Gili Island

4 Sea Transportation Solutions from Lombok Towards Gili Island

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4 Sea Transportation Solutions from Lombok Towards Gili Island - Some tourists are sometimes confused and don't know what types of sea transportation can be used to visit Gili Trawangan, Gili Air and Gili Meno (case study). In order not to be confused anymore, before visiting there are some solutions that you might use to visit this beautiful location, here we summarize 4 solutions commonly used for local residents or tourists.

Using Public Boat at Bangsal Harbor

Bangsal is one of the official ports of the government to provide sea transportation to Gili Trawangan, Air and Meno at affordable prices for the public and tourists. The public boat used is as shown above, with a passenger capacity of 50 people or more in one wooden boat. The journey from Bangsal harbor to Gili Trawangan takes 30 minutes. The price is very affordable per person, only 15,000 thousand. This port starts operating from 7 am to 4 pm.

Public Speed Boat at Bangsal Harbor

In addition to the public boat (slow boat) in Bangsal, there is also a speed boat for those who don't want to wait long on the boat, this speed boat only takes 10 minutes to arrive at Gili Trawangan / Air / Meno. The passenger capacity ranges from 40 to 70 people. The speed boat ticket price per person is 85,000 rupiah.

Private Speed Boat di Teluq Nare/Kodeq

Apart from Bangsal port, this private speed boat port at Teluq Nare / Kodeq can also be a comfortable alternative to Gili Trawangan. Of course with a private speed boat, the departure time is determined by the guests themselves (the name is also private he ..) so whenever tourists want to visit or who happen to stay in Gili Trawangan with the arrival of a night plane, this is the right solution for you. The price is very affordable starting from 375,000 1 boat (capacity of 10 people). Very comfortable right, whenever you come this private boat is ready to take you to Gili Trawangn.

Private Slow Boat/Glass Bottom Boat untuk Trip Island Hopping

Private slow boat or glassbottom boat (there is glass and you can see into the water from above). This boat is often used to get around the 3 islands. usually tourists as well as snorkel to see the underwater beauty of Gili Air, and Meno, then finally head to Gili Trawangan. So before taking to Gili, you can go around first to snorkel and see the underwater beauty.

Please choose and adjust to your situation and take a look how to budgeting for your trip to Gili island, which type of sea transportation will be used to get to this beautiful island. If you are confused, please contact the The Best Bali Gili Fast Boat team to discuss your travel needs. We also serve trips from Bali to the Gili islands.

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