Slukat Beach

Slukat Beach

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Slukat Beach - Similar to how Slukat Beach in Gianyar takes its name from the neighboring Slukat Temple, many of the beaches on the island of Bali are named after nearby temple structures. The majority of Bali's temples contain multiple aspects, from a religious one to a tourist one to a ritualistic, cultural one.

When compared to other temples on the island of Bali, Selukat Temple is no less important. The nearby Hindu community uses this building as a venue to make requests for holy water. According to legend, the local populace used to ask a holy mandra guna priest for purifying water back in the day.

Residents noticed the priest as he made his rounds, and ironically, that individual was also dealing with a tragedy—a family member who had passed away. He requested cleansing water from the priest as a result. The priest then went and brought the paddy water for him because there was no spring there.

Slukat Beach

A spell to purify the spirit of the departed is then spoken, using the water from the rice field as the medium. But because it was obtained from contaminated rice fields, the disaster victim does not think that this holy water will cleanse his family's spirits. The holy water was then dumped and used to create pure water.

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The pleasant news is then spread to all the locals once it has only been accepted as true that the holy water is auspicious and can purify the souls of the departed. Oh yeah, Slukat Beach, which is a nearby beach, has a stunning beauty that is equally alluring. Try visiting this location, guys; you won't be disappointed.

The location is in the Subak Luas, Keramas, and Medahan villages in the Blahbatu District of the Gianyar Regency of the Indonesian island of Bali.

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