Cenderawasih Bay National Park

Cenderawasih Bay National Park - Nearly 90% of this national park's 1,453,500 hectares are covered in water. It is hardly unexpected that Indonesia's largest marine conservation area is Cenderawasih Bay National Park. There are 209 different species of fish and 196 different types of mollusks in this area. While diving, dolphins, sharks, and turtles frequently join you as well.

1993 saw the opening of Cenderawasih Bay National Park by the Ministry of Forestry. In addition to enjoying the underwater environment, you may also visit the islands. One of the islands in this Papuan tourist destination, Mioswaar Island, contains sulfur-filled hot springs in a cave that you should definitely see. You shouldn't miss Yoop Island, Numfor Island, Nusrowi Island, and other islands in addition to Mioswaar Island.

Administratively, this vacation destination is divided into the Wondama and Nabire districts. This national park serves as a hub for government-sponsored whale shark research in association with international and domestic NGOs.