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Argos Specialita Espresso

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Argos Specialita Espresso - It is indisputable that many businesses are utilizing the idea of working from home, or we frequently hear the term WFH, during this pandemic (Work From Home). However, a lot of businesses allow their staff members the flexibility to work remotely and from any location. Some of them, including employees and students who have deadlines and tasks to finish, will decide to visit coffee shops or restaurants to experience a different ambiance.


You must stop by Argos Specialita Espresso if you happen to be in the Denpasar area. This location is situated Jl. Imam Bonjol Gg. Rahayu No.16A, Pemecutan Kelod, Kec. West Denpasar and is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. WITA. The location, which is a hidden gem that is definitely worth visiting, is concealed behind the bustle of Jalan Imam Bonjol.

Part of the upscale housing complex The Ambengan Tenten is Argos Specialita Espresso (TAT). There are a number of facilities in addition to the coffee shop, including a Coworking Space, a Fitness Center, and a Private Office. Argos Restaurant also strictly adheres to health regulations, such as requiring mask wear, taking body temperature before entering the cafe area, and offering hand sanitizer.

Design of the Argos Specialita Espresso Building

The Argos Restaurant's structure combines an industrial aesthetic with wooden furnishings and has two distinct zones, the inside space and the outside area. We'll start by talking about the building's outside. Our eyes will be treated to relaxing plants in the outdoor area. There are various seating spaces with tables and chairs where people can smoke.

Next, as soon as you walk into the indoor space, you are greeted by the comforting aroma of coffee, along with a dessert display case and an attractive hanging menu. Additionally, there are numerous plants and glass windows all around this interior space, which makes the lighting feel quite natural. Additionally, it has many sets of padded tables and chairs that allow patrons to sit for extended periods of time in comfort. There are various locations where you can shoot pictures that are suitable for Instagram. This area is quite large, has a ceiling that is high enough, and has a sitting table that can hold around 40 people.

Argos Specialita Espresso offers numerous services, including high-speed WiFi, a big and secure parking lot, a smoking zone, and a non-smoking section, in addition to the mix of wonderfully developed plants and building designs.

Menu Provided

While hanging out in this area, we may enjoy a variety of drinks and food options offered by this restaurant. Starting with beverage options, Argos Cafe offers selections such Beer, Smoothie Specialty Tea, Cold-Pressed Juice, Coffee, and Non-Coffee. Several single origin coffees from Indonesia and other countries are used in the manual brew menu to use V60. The Magic, Charcoalpresso, and Cappuccino Brulee drinks, which are rarely found in other coffee shops, are on the unique menu in this establishment. The drinks range in price from 18,000 to 40,000 IDR.

Aside from the beverage selection, there are also a variety of food menus available, including All-Day Breakfast, Classic (including Pasta Cakalang and Oriental Grilled Tuna), Mains (including Oxtail Soup and Nasi Paru a la "Stickee"), From The Wok (including Argos Special Fried Rice and Mie Tek-Tek), Snack, and cakes for dessert. There are various fusion dishes on the menu that stick to the selection of comfort food but do not specifically state that they are only from Indonesia. The cost of the food is between Rp. 20,000 and Rp. 79,000, and the cost of the cakes is between Rp. 12,000 and Rp. 35,000.

The Ambengan Tenten held activities every weekend before the outbreak. Like "An Evening" where guests may savor drinks created by renowned Bali mixologists as well as live music every Friday. All events were, however, postponed during the epidemic since The Ambengan Tent and Argos Cafe genuinely adhered to the rules established by the authorities.

Argos Restaurant is the ideal location to have gatherings, work, carry out projects, or complete college tasks because of its cozy and welcoming atmosphere and ambience. Additionally, it's possible that going alongside friends, coworkers, spouses, or relatives will inspire you in new ways. But remember to follow the health protocol at all times.

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