Delod Berawah Beach

Delod Berawah Beach

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Delod Berawah Beach – Surf Spot in Bali - Bali is the main tourist attraction for people who are visiting and engaging in holiday activities in this region. Because the beach's scenery has developed into a natural tourism product with enormous potential to draw visitors, there are many thrilling vacation activities available.

Delod Berawah Beach, which is found in the Jembrana district of Bali, is one of the beaches you can visit while on holiday there. The allure of this beach is a section of black sand that, according to locals, may be used to treat a variety of ailments.

The surroundings are still very attractive, with chilly air dominating the landscape and rather large waves. This encourages surfers of all skill levels to fully enjoy the sport of surfing (also known as water surfing). Also frequently hosted in Berawa Makepung, a buffalo racing destination, is the Delod Beach region.

To preserve the tradition, which is a hallmark of Jembrana Regency, this attraction is organized virtually year. The local government constructed a Makepung circuit or track at the tourist destination Delod Berawah Beach in an effort to maintain the Makepung custom. Oh yeah, this beach is being transformed into an attractive recreational tourism destination in addition to being a place for recreation.

The Tirta Samudra Delod Berawah Recreation Park is a swimming pool ride that was constructed on on the edge of Delod Berawah Beach. The purpose of this swimming pool is to provide guests with a different means of transportation so they may continue to swim and sunbathe despite the fact that the sand at Delod Berawah Beach is black.

A kiddie pool and a family play area are among the amenities at Tirta Samudra Delod Berawah Recreation Park. All of these rides cost Rp. 5,000 for adults and Rp. 3,000 for kids to ride.


In addition to tourists, local youngsters are claimed to frequently use an open space in the Delod Berawah Beach region to play football or volleyball. Large parking lots, benches to take in the beauty of the beach, dining options, and hotels are all public amenities held by this tourist destination to facilitate tourism activities.

Delod Berawah Beach is located in the Bali Province, Indonesia, in the Delod Berawah Village, Mendoyo District, and Jembrana Regency.

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