Explore Dieng Plateau, Unveiling the Enchanting Highlands of Java

Explore Dieng Plateau, Unveiling the Enchanting Highlands of Java

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Explore Dieng Plateau, Unveiling the Enchanting Highlands of Java - Nestled in the heart of Central Java, Indonesia, the Dieng Plateau stands as a mesmerizing highland destination that invites travelers to step into a world of natural wonders, ancient temples, and cultural richness. Perched at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level, Dieng promises a unique and immersive experience for those seeking tranquility and exploration. In Indonesian Travel Information article, we'll guide you through the enchanting landscapes and cultural treasures that make exploring Dieng a truly memorable journey.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Dieng Plateau, surrounded by mist-covered mountains and verdant landscapes, offers breathtaking views that seem almost otherworldly. The area is dotted with colorful volcanic lakes, including Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon, each reflecting a spectrum of hues due to the minerals present in the water. The rolling hills and emerald-green plantations provide a picturesque backdrop for nature enthusiasts.

Ancient Temples of Arjuna Complex

Dieng is home to a cluster of ancient Hindu temples known as the Arjuna Complex. Dating back to the 7th and 8th centuries, these well-preserved structures showcase intricate carvings and serve as a testament to the region's rich cultural and historical significance. Explore the Arjuna Complex, including the Arjuna Temple, the oldest of the bunch, and immerse yourself in the mystique of ancient Javanese architecture.

Sikidang Crater: A Surreal Geothermal Landscape

Sikidang Crater, an active volcanic crater in Dieng, offers a surreal experience as visitors witness bubbling mud pools and steam vents. The otherworldly landscape, surrounded by the scent of sulfur, creates an atmosphere reminiscent of a prehistoric era. Stroll along the elevated wooden walkways for a close encounter with this captivating geothermal phenomenon.

Dieng Plateau

Colorful Festival of Dieng Culture Festival (DCF)

To experience the vibrant cultural tapestry of Dieng, plan your visit during the annual Dieng Culture Festival. This event, held in August, showcases traditional rituals, arts, music, and dance performances, providing a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the local way of life. The festival also includes a colorful parade and traditional markets, making it a celebration of Dieng's cultural diversity.

Trekking Adventures to the Highest Peak

For those with an adventurous spirit, embark on a trek to the highest peak in Java, Mount Sikunir. The trek, which typically starts before dawn, offers a rewarding sunrise view that illuminates the entire Dieng Plateau. As the sun rises, the surrounding landscape transforms into a magical panorama, revealing the beauty of the volcanic terrain.

Unique Phenomenon of Kawah Candradimuka

Kawah Candradimuka, or the "Candradimuka Crater," is another geological wonder in Dieng. What makes this crater unique is its constantly changing water color, ranging from turquoise to milky white. The phenomenon is attributed to the minerals and gases present in the water. Visiting Kawah Candradimuka provides a captivating glimpse into the dynamic nature of the region.

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Traditional Performances: Wayang Wong and Tenggerese Horse Racing

Dieng embraces its cultural heritage through traditional performances like Wayang Wong, a Javanese dance-drama that narrates tales from Hindu epics. Additionally, experience the thrill of Tenggerese horse racing, a unique equestrian tradition that adds a lively touch to the local festivities.

Local Culinary Delights

Dieng's cool climate contributes to its unique culinary offerings. Savor local specialties such as "tiwul," a traditional Javanese staple made from cassava, and "lepet," a sweet sticky rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. Don't forget to try the local tea, known for its distinctive flavor and warmth, a perfect companion in Dieng's cool highland atmosphere.

Getting to Dieng Plateau

Dieng Plateau is accessible by road from major cities like Yogyakarta and Semarang, Central Java. The journey itself offers picturesque views as you ascend into the highlands. Buses, rental cars, and guided tours are common transportation options to reach this hidden gem.


Exploring Dieng Plateau is a journey into the heart of Java's highlands, where nature and culture converge in harmony. From ancient temples and geothermal wonders to vibrant festivals and trekking adventures, Dieng captivates the senses at every turn. So, pack your bags, embrace the cool mountain air, and embark on a discovery of Dieng's timeless beauty, promising an experience that will linger in your memory long after your visit.

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