Jempang Lake

Jempang Lake

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Jempang Lake - Samarinda, the provincial capital of East Kalimantan, is home to a number of popular tourist destinations. With a total size of 245,238 km2, this province is bordered by Malaysia, Central Kalimantan, South Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. In addition, East Kalimantan Province shares a border to the east with the Makassar Strait.

East Kalimantan's highest point is Liangpran, which rises 2,240 meters above sea level. With a tourism strategy of making East Kalimantan a special interest tourist destination, the region offers a wealth of flora and wildlife, ranging between 1000 and 189,000 plant types.

The second-largest island in the archipelago, Kalimantan Island, is renowned for its oil and timber production as well as its breathtaking natural beauty. Indonesian tourism can rely heavily on East Kalimantan because there are lovely tourist attractions in every city.


In Kec. Jempang, Kab. West Kutai, Prov. East Kalimantan, is where you can find Jempang Lake. Among the 76 lakes in the Mahakam River basin, this lake is the largest. Jempang Lake has a 150,000 hectares surface area and a depth of 7-8 meters. The pride of East Kalimantan, Lake Jempang is a popular tourist destination due to its abundance of flora and fauna and panoramic beauty.

This region, which is home to the Jempang District's capital Kampung Tanjung Isuy, has the potential for local cultural arts in addition to its stunning natural scenery. Siluq Ngurai, Kubar and Bongan District border Jempang District's land area. Lake Jempang undergoes a rare natural occurrence known as a desert-like drought every five years.

You can utilize a ketinting boat or a speedboat to travel there. You will go through numerous communities where you will connect with locals and benefit from their enduring local wisdom. You will undoubtedly experience many pleasant things while traveling; the friendliness and camaraderie of the locals will serve as a reminder of the social life that has all but vanished amid the typical metropolitan individual hustle.

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